I have a key with a number on it.  Can you make another key using only the number as reference?

 Your professional locksmith can make almost any key from a code number. However, if a duplicate key is what you really want, it is much less expensive to take your key to the locksmith and have him copy it.  If you need a key by code, however, first determine if the number on the key is a key blank number or a true code number.  Many manufacturers put numbers on original factory cut keys that are supplied with new locks.  Most of the time these numbers indicate what cuts the keys are.  Also, many manufacturers produce after-market key blanks in many different keyways that have coding numbers that only indicate what brand of lock the key blank will fit, not what the cuts of the key are.

A number of foreign cars are supplied with code numbers stamped on the original keys or on a tab with the code number attached to the original keys with a ring.  Copies of the original keys never have code information on them unless it was stamped on the key by a locksmith.

Most domestic cars have code numbers supplied with the original keys, but rarely are numbers supplied on duplicate keys.  Your professional locksmith can "read" your key and supply you with information for future reference.  With this information, the locksmith can produce a code key for you. 


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