Q   One of our maid's hotel master keys has been stolen.  It opens about 40 rooms on the third floor.  We're wondering if we have to go to the factory and order new locks and keys, or can you help us?

A   A professional locksmith can solve this problem for you usually within a day or two.  One of the questions your locksmith will ask you is if you have any keying records that either came from the factory when the system was originally installed or from the last time the hotel was rekeyed.  If you have these records, it is a simple matter for your locksmith to expand the system, cut the keys, and rekey the locks.  If you can't find or never had any keying records, your locksmith can determine, from the keys you presently have, what the master keying system is.  Then he can expand that system to cover the additional changes you need, cut keys, and rekey the locks.  Usually the whole process can be accomplished within a day or two.  After the new system is installed, he will be able to provide you with a updated keying list for your records for future reference.

Your professional locksmith will be able to solve your immediate and long-term problems for the master key system for your motel. 

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