I found a deadbolt at a chain store for $9.95.   Your deadbolt costs $35. What is the difference?

 Your professional locksmith has one advantage (in today's ever-competitive market place) over the rest of the retailers that are selling the same type of merchandise.  That advantage is knowledge.

The chain stores are in business to sell only.  They do not have extensive knowledge about the product, its deficiencies or how to properly install it.  If you have a question about a product, you more than likely won't be able to call the chain store where you bought it for service, because they have no knowledgeable person on staff to discuss your problem. However, they will gladly take it back and replace it, or refer you to the manufacturer for help.

The product your professional locksmith sells is the highest quality for your money.  He can tell you the advantages of the products he sells, and steer you clear of a bad choice that you will ultimately regret.  He has the knowledge to sell, install and service the security products that you might need or want.  He places his reputation on the line with each and every product he sells.  He wants you, his customer, to feel secure and to be happy with your purchase. 


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