Q   I have a problem with the lock on my business.   It is one of those aluminum glass doors.  The inside lock works fine, but the outside lock doesn't work right.  I am considering replacing the lock.  What should I do?

 Your professional locksmith can help you solve this problem with a minimum of expense.  To replace the whole lock would be expensive and totally unnecessary in the majority of cases.  These types of locks require periodic lubrication of specific parts of the inner lock mechanism for smooth operation.

However, most locksmiths will recommend that all locks (car, house, business, padlocks or any lock subjected to any type of weathering) be cleaned, serviced and lubricated on an annual basis.  Because most locks are constructed of metal parts that rub against other metal parts, without lubrication these parts can bind, causing poor operation, frustration and in extreme cases, a total lockout.  You should service your vehicle regularly to keep it operating smoothly and without breakdown.  The same should be done to your locks. 


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