Q   I have a business with about 25 doors.   Different employees need access to different areas, but I do not want all employees to have access to all areas. What should I do?

A   Your professional locksmith will discuss with you the parameters of your business, what kind of access you want your employees to have, and how much you want to spend on the job.

If the job is simple and a minimum of security is involved, he may recommend a master key system that would accomplish your objective.

If more security is required, then he may recommend a master key system coupled with high security locks and keys.  If more sophistication is needed, an electronic access control system with a computer to record dates, times and the employee number using the door may be recommended.  Your professional locksmith can offer all of these options for your business along with installation and service contracts to back them up.  He will provide a security system that works for you. 


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