The Philadelphia Award

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In the formative years of organized locksmithing, it became apparent to the leaders of GPLA that there were some truly dedicated individuals throughout the trade who had devoted much time and effort to the advancement of the craft, not only in Philadelphia, but around the world. Many of these leaders were identified. To recognize and inspire these individuals and those who would follow them, the "Philadelphia Award" was created.

Instinctively, those who established the award knew that through conferring the "Philadelphia Award" upon an individual, that person would be immortalized throughout the annals of the security industry. This was not an award to be "earned," nor would someone's title, postition, affluence or position in the industry be the criteria by which the recipient would be selected. Rather, a careful search was undertaken by a select committee to identify those whose efforts and dedication truly represented the building blocks of progress for the entire industry.

In early years, starting in 1953, there were quite a number of individuals whose labor and devotion had gone unrecognized. Thus, it was not unusual to have two or more recipients. Over the years, the select committee has reviewed literally hundreds of outstanding potential nominees. Always in the end, the committee is faced with the awesome task of selecting the ONE UNIQUE PERSON who best exemplifies the characteristics and dedication that the "Philadelphia Award" embodies. When all is said and done, there can be little doubt that legions of leaders, movers and shakers who have been a part of this industry have passed from memory, but the recipients of the "Philadelphia Award", the industry's most prestigious award, will remain immortalized for all time.

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