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Pioneer Award

The Gerald J. Connelly Jr Pioneer Award. The Gerald J. Connelly Jr. Pioneer Award has been presented to organizations or persons as recognition for their professional dedication to the locksmith industry in the categories of leadership and education.

Recent Pioneer Award Recipients

Year Name Location
2022 Phil Agius Alpena, MI
2021 Steve Goldstein Herald, CA
2019 Vernon Kelley Lawrenceville, NJ
2018 Jerry Buckley Marlton, NJ
2018 Glenn Le Suer PA
2017 George Hill Anaheim, CA
2016 Zhiqin Li Guangdong, China
2015 Jamie Taylor Nicholasville, KY
2014 Rena DeBerry Salem, VA
2013 Jeff Volosing San Francisco, CA
2012 Austin Baer Sarasota, FL
2011 Claude Hensley Tampa Bay, FL
2010 James Hetchler Blanco, TX
2009 Joe Cortie, CPS, CML Nicholasville, KY
2008 Don O’Shall, CMIL, CPL Bethlehem, PA
2007 David O’ Toole Dublin, Ireland
2006 David Lowell Dallas, TX
2005 William B. Neff, CPP, PSP, CML Lancaster, PA
2004 Ken Person East Rochester, NY
2003 Randy Mize St. Louis, MO
2002 Phil Shearer Hanover, MA
2001 Frank Markisel Ozone Park, NY
2000 Jay E. Long Berkeley, CA
1999 Evelyn Werson Albuquerque, NM
1998 Mary Ohmit Urbana, IL
1997 Steve Young Pensacola, FL
1996 John Greenan Chicago, IL
1995 Frank Bernath Chicago, IL
1994 G. L. (Gerry) Finch Torrance, CA
1993 Bill Reed Reed’s Security Reporter
1992 Members of the High Security Workshop: Assa, Inc., Medeco Security Locks, Inc., MIWA Lock USA, Mul-T-Lock USA, Inc., Security Education Plus, Schlage Lock Company/Primus USA
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