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  1. Establishing the GPLA Scholarship:
    The GPLA will bring the existence of this fund to the attention of all Friends of the GPLA and other members of the Industry in order to grow the fund through donations and bequests. All funds will be deposited into the Connelly-Singer Scholarship Fund. A custodian will be appointed to invest and maintain the Fund. Applications, as well as requirements and qualifications for applying for this scholarship, shall be available on the GPLA website. Each scholarship will be for any two days of classes during the GPLA Convention, excluding any lab fees. The fund will reimburse the GPLA Convention account for the actual class fees.
  2. Establishing a Scholarship Award Committee:
    The Scholarship Award Committee will be comprised of the following three members of the GPLA: President, Chairman of the Board and Convention Education Chairman. If the Convention Education Chairman is also either the President or Chairman of the Board, an additional member to this Committee will be appointed by the President. The Committee will award two scholarships each year.
  3. Eligible Applicants:
    Only GPLA members in good standing and classified as Active, Apprentice or Shop Member shall be eligible to apply.
    Active or Apprentice Members in good standing of SJLA (South Jersey Locksmiths Association), ILADVC (Institutional Locksmiths Association – Delaware Valley Chapter), CPLA (Central Pennsylvania Locksmiths Association), MLANJ (Master Locksmiths Association of New Jersey ), NJMLA (North Jersey Master Locksmiths Association) and MLA (Maryland Locksmith Association) will also be eligible to apply for an application for this scholarship. Other eligible Associations may be named in the future. Associate members of any association are NOT eligible to apply. At least one of the two scholarships awarded each year must be presented to a qualified member of GPLA.
  4. Selecting an applicant for receiving a scholarship:
    Each application received by the Scholarship Committee for this award must be approved by the Committee by a unanimous vote.In case of multiple approved applicants, the selection of recipients will be selected by a lottery drawing in presence of all three members of the Scholarship Committee.  If the selection is to be made by lottery, GPLA member applications must be pooled separately from non-member applications to comply with rule three. After a GPLA recipient has been selected, other approved applications will then be combined with the GPLA applications for the second drawing.
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